Here you’ll find a list of must-see experiences for your visit to Strasbourg and Alsace. Except that with me, you won’t be experiencing it like any other tourist with a guided tours in Alsace.

It’s all straightforward, with useful information and anecdotes that will help you discover these must-see places with a different approach in an unique guided tours.

Together we will discover Strasbourg and its Grande Ile, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the Petite France district and its picturesque half-timbered houses to the sumptuous Notre-Dame Cathedral, 142 metres high.

Following on from the Grande Ile is the Neustadt district. This district, built during the German imperial period from 1871 to 1918, is packed with architectural gems such as the Palais du Rhin and the University of Strasbourg.

After decades of war and uncertainty, Strasbourg has become a symbol of the new Franco-German understanding and is becoming a European capital. I’ll be taking you on a tour of the European quarter, where the Council of Europe and the European Parliament take pride of place.



Strasbourg is more than just the Cathedral, Petite France and Place Kléber!

In the capital of Alsace, each district has a different story to tell and there’s a lot of good guided tours to make !

Close to Germany, the Deux-Rives district has developed into a lively, modern neighbourhood.

You’ll also be immersed in Strasbourg’s subculture, particularly that of Street-art. The city is a stronghold of this style of modern art, which you’ll discover near the Quartier Gare.

I’ll also take you to the heart of the lively Krutenau district, so close to the historic centre and with a history that goes back well over a hundred years, yet so little frequented by tourists!


There are hundreds of things to do in Alsace. Here’s a selection of the best experiences you can do in Alsace from Strasbourg by train. As always, our commitment is to promote what is possible by soft mobility.

The first stop is Colmar! The Capital of Alsace Wines has so much to offer, from the charming colourful houses of Little Venice to the medieval town centre. There are two ways to discover it: a classic tour of the must-sees, or a visit off the beaten track.

Second stop: Mulhouse. Alsace’s second-largest city has a long history, which you’ll discover with me on a guided tour of the city centre.